Fall 2022 – Happy 35th Anniversary!

By August 30, 2022News

Wow! Milestone year for HALT. This class celebrates its 35th anniversary!! We can’t thank all of you enough for your support. In case you’re unaware, HALT depends solely on supporters just like you. Our program is 100% volunteers, and its activities are privately funded through donations, adoption fees, and sponsorships. Each person involved with HALT donates their time and resources, including our Board Members, class instructors, class training assistants, and everyone else participating in dog adoption and fundraising events.

Our volunteers help with everything from working with local shelters for dog selection, securing agencies to have kids for classes, securing volunteers to help with classes, teaching classes, helping with adoption events, helping with fundraising events, helping with social media and more. We also are very thankful for  all of our donors and supporters that contribute to the financial needs of HALT. Without all of these people our program would not be possible.

We have been working with local shelters like Young-Williams, Sevier County Animal Center, and Oak Ridge Animal Shelter recently to select dogs for the fall class. They’ll visit our partners at Ideal Veterinary for their full checkups and medical screenings before moving to PetSafe where we’ll start training in early September.

Look for some sneak peek photos on our Facebook and Instagram until the official photos are ready.

Classes start Sept 12th and graduations complete October 6th. All dogs will be ready to go to their new homes on Friday October  7th.