Quotes from the kids: fall 2013

By October 9, 2013News

At the end of the classes we ask the teen trainers to write letters to their dog’s new family. We ask them to share some of their experiences with the dog they’ve been training, personalities, quirks, things that were hard to learn, things that were easy to learn, etc. Whether they realize it or not, it is helpful for them to put down on paper in their own words. It helps them with the process of letting go and saying goodbye. Here are some quotes from the trainers in the fall 2013 session in their own words….

Bumble“More about my eperiance with Bumble: HALT stands for Humans and Animals Learning Together. As such, it’s purpose is to learn as much from your dogs and they learn from you. I feel like this program has been a success for me…when i first met Bumble I don’t think I realized how much we were alike…I saw a lot of things in Bumble that unforchantely were true for me at the time. As the program went on I saw Bumble grow, along with myself. While I know that I am almost ready to gradute, it touches me to see my own progress reflected in a living being. Bumble has touched my heart in uniumaginable ways which i will never forget. Thank you for giving Bumble a home. It means the world to me that you’re doing this for me and for Bumble.”

“Dear new owners of Bumble, Bumble is the best dog in the world to me. I hope you think so to. i hope you enjoy him as much as I did.”

“Bumble is…well, Bumble. I picked him on the first day because of the fact that he was named after the Abonible Snowman off Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. That instantly gave him cuteness in my eyes. Anyway, Bumble is great with the five basic commands. He loves when you gently pull the hair on his head into a mohawk. It doesn’t stay for very long though. If you want it to stay, maybe you can try some hair gel. I hope you enjoy Bumble, we have worked hard.”

“Bumble is the sweetest thing ever. He is spoiled because he’s cute. He loves to run and lots of attention. Make sure he has a mowhawk because he’s a cool dog. The best think I like about Bumble is the way he looks at me, that shows me that he loves me. so if he looks at you that means he loves you and he understands. I hope you will love Bumble the same way I do!!”

Mikey“I have been training Mikey for four weeks. Mikey is a wonderful dog. Training his was fun. He has some trouble learning how to stay but that is not a problem. He loves to dance while standing on his back legs. I have had a lot of fun with him and hope you do too. ”

“Mikey listens, he likes to play. He is nice and he doesn’t bite. i didn’t like dogs but Mikey does wshat you tell him after the 1st or 2nd time. I tried to teach him to roll over but he didn’t do it. I don’t even have to use commands now he does everything when he sees a treat. I like his ears and tail. He likes to be brushed.”

“Mikey is an awesome dog to be around. He needs lots of love every day. He doesn’t like to run until he’s warmed up. If you say ‘Mikey watch me’ he will. You may have to say sit 2-3 times and put the treat up to his nose. He needs lots of attention. He is a lap dog. He loves to lick you in the face. He never plays rough. He needs exercise every day. For at least 30 minutes he needs to lay and rest. He listens to everything you say and when you’re done talking he will come lick you. He is a very good dog. I will miss him dearly.”

Norris-19984174(3)_lowres“Dear Norris Family. it has been a pleasure working with Norris. these past weeks I have worked with him and he has improved a whole lot. He sits, comes stays, and etc. This is a special individual dog you are adding to your home. He also loves the doggy trents and also a very energetic god. So with this new addition you are adding to your household. Take good care of him and you’ll love him.”

“Norris works best with food rewards because of his short attention span. He loves FOOD!!”

“Hi, my name is Norris. I like to meet new people, learn new tricks, and be a good pet. Every 7 days in dog  years is 1goodday for you. the four main tricks I know and am getting to know is sit, stay, halt and come. If you meet my needs I will be 2x more willing to do as you say, so we will have good times together forever.”

Belle_IMG_3894_lowres“Jesse is the best dog in the pack. She kicked the other dogs butts. I  hope you enjoy her as much as me!! thank  you for adopting Jesse.”

“Dear Jesse’s family, I have been glad to train your dog for the last couple of weeks. She has improved alot. I’m just glad she has a new home to be looking forward to. Have lots of fun with your new addition. Take care of her,”

“Jesse is a great dog with a great future. Shes a fast learner but can be distracted easily if your not careful. Jesse is a sweet dog to is very observint, careing, and intelligent. She loves belly rubs and lot of attention.”

“I have loved being with Jesse. I hope she has a good home. She loves to be brushed! She knows how to stay for 30 seconds. Jesse loves other dogs. She really loves to go for a walk and sometimes runs.”

Harry_IMG_4036_lowres“Dear Harry new family. Harry will be a great member of your family. He is a happy dog. he loves treats and will do the commands sit, stay, heel and down. he loves to be petted and he loves to run and play. He is a great friend. i wish that you will love to make him a member of your family.”

“Harry is a really good dog. He is very hyper and active. He runs alot and loves to jump on people. I am trying to teach him not to do it. He has gotten better. I have been working with Harry for 1 month. He seems to pick up on the commands very quick. but other than that he is a very lovely dog. I hope he gets a good family.”

“Yo, new family. Well, what up? So I trained this new dawg your getting but heres the thing its not just a dawg its also a family memeber. its part of you so treat him right harry is a bad-A dog so peace! p.s. be good to him!”